The name's Meg. Feminist. Biblipohile. Skeptical Idealist. Tolkien nerd. Obsessive twenty-something, living in the city and working as an office girl. I read a lot of books and drink a lot of tea.

HELP I think this train is purgatory.

capitalist alienation.


Aaron Tveit on “why the internet is so obsessed with him” (x)


Rambling meta on Steve, SHIELD/HYDRA and the Winter Soldier. (with some bonus natasha and sam).

basically: this film was entirely about how people are the ghosts in even the most perfectly controlled machines, whether that be a human body a national security force, or a tidal wave of manufactured, mechanized new-age fear. And Cap? He’s a really fucking good medium.

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Depressed? Sometimes the comic book store helps.


for kamala-skadoosh:  peggy carter as the winter soldier

Peggy, please…
Who the hell is Peggy?

happy p2 secret valentine, lexi. ♥ ♥ ♥
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